The past lives show psychic night with Alan Bates

Let TV star and ‘Master of the Mind’ Alan Bates take you on a journey through past lives at our special psychic night.

Taking place at the Grosvenor Pulford Hotel and Spa on Friday 22 March 2019 from 8pm, you’re invited to travel back through history and discover the life (lives?) you once lived.

If you’ve ever wondered about reincarnation, deja vu, spiritual light or life energy, Alan will help you discover everything from your name, family tree, occupation, culture, personality and much more.

Tickets: £19.95 per person
Book Your Place: Call 01244 570560 | By Email

Psychic Night in Cheshire

Alan has been demonstrating past life regression for more than 30 years after witnessing his a lady being placed in a trance in the United States. After mastering the hypnotic arts, he entered the world of stage hypnosis, before getting his first big break on a television chat show.

Since then, he’s toured with psychic medium Derek Acorah, appeared on the Graham Norton Show, toured his show across the world and performed for the Royal Family of Brunei.

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Book your tickets now by calling 01244 570560 or by tapping here. Tea and coffee included.

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