2021 Wedding Decor Trends

2021 Wedding Décor Trends for next-level nuptials

There is no doubt that a wedding day is all about two people, the family around them and the future ahead of them. No matter your journey to the altar, every couple seeks a day which reflects their story and their style. With that in mind, how do you navigate the 2021 wedding decor trends out there and bring them into your big day?

Whilst some may have pictured their big day for many years, we all find ourselves inspired by the latest and greatest in the wedding world. Trends help us to navigate the vast amount of choice out there for all things wedding, and visualise the day of our dreams. Whether it is a Pinterest wedding inspiration board overflowing with dream décor and little touches to remember to include, or a folder of saved Instagram posts; we are all inspired by dream weddings made a reality by others.

You may be inspired by the aesthetics of the intimate micro-weddings we have seen over the last year, or perhaps you plan a grand and glamourous celebration to make all the waiting worthwhile. Either way, we have a décor trend to fit your wishes.

So, what wedding decor trends do we love best, and what new ideas have emerged in the world of weddings for 2021? Discover our top picks below.

Bring the outside in

The beauty and natural romance of nature is a key inspiration for bridal design, whether the big day is hosted indoors or outdoors. Whimsical decorative trees continue to punctuate ceremonies and receptions alike, a trend we don’t see leaving us any time soon. Whether you gravitate towards the delicate, fairy-tale feel of blossom and wisteria, or seek a classic woodland feel with lush greenery, there is an aesthetic to suit you and your celebration in this popular trend.

There are other ways to invoke this feeling within an indoor space, such as choosing a flower or leaf wall to accent the room, bringing subtle bark features into your table décor or even considering hanging installations to take this theme to the next level.

Fun feature walls with function

In a reception room, every inch of space counts towards creating an unforgettable celebration for you and your guests. A wall laden with treats on arrival sets the tone for an incredible evening ahead!

Load yours up with flutes of bubbly or sweet treats such as doughnuts or cupcakes to treat your guests. Not only do they make a decorative splash in your reception space, but they provide an extra interactive area which your guests will love.

Lighting to electrify

We all know that lighting can add to the feel of your day, so make sure to maximise the ambiance of your event with clever uses of light sources to play up your theming.

Play with coloured lighting during your day to invoke different moods. Romantic hues of pink and red embody warmth, whilst playful purple brings the party.

Remind your guests of the order of the day with ever-popular ‘LOVE’ letters as part of your decoration, or why not bring in a neon script sign to make a romantic statement with an edge? The trend twists the traditional dive bar neon sign and can look chic and contemporary when positioned around key areas, such as above your top table or around the bar area.

Don’t forget to include candles in your plans to light up your reception. Maximise your candlelight by placing lanterns, votives or tealights on mirrored surfaces, and be sure to work them into your centrepieces if you have chosen to decorate with trees for an ultra-ethereal feel.

The new florals

Will we ever tire of flowers at a wedding? Not likely, but the fashion-forward are always seeking ways to reinvent the classics. Case in point: the rise of paper flowers.

Paper floral designs can add an extra layer of drama and whimsy to your décor, with super-sized blooms particularly in favour for this trend. Expect to see fantastical flower arches and backdrops which play with scale. One of the great benefits of this trend is that you can request any assortment of flower shape, size and colour and create a decorative feature which is larger-than-life.

If you are closer to a floral traditionalist, you may prefer to hop on the trend of dried wedding flowers. Bouquets featuring flowers such as dried roses, delphiniums and Baby’s Breath and accented with foliage including pampas grass and ferns are becoming increasingly popular for the bohemian bride. If you are as head-over-heels for this style as so many couples are, carry the theme through to your centrepieces, too!

Wedding cakes that wow

Micro-weddings of the last year have inspired us to scale back on or reinvent parts of our big day, and a persistent trend we believe is here to stay is that of the micro wedding cake! Smaller, even single-tiered cakes are becoming increasingly popular, and still allow for the couple to enjoy the traditional moment of cutting the cake. Some are even opting for mini cake options, where guests receive their own small sweet treat to take away and enjoy.

Less doesn’t always mean more, so there are still plenty of choices for you if you want to super-size your cake. If you still seek a true show-stopper on your cake table, bring your multi-tiered cake to life with projection mapping, where magical animations, imagery and photos can be projected onto the tiers to enchant and amaze your guests.


No longer the staple of children’s parties, cascading balloon arrangements and arches in your chosen colour palette can provide a fun frame for key areas such as your cake table. Weaving flowers into your balloon creations brings texture and interest to the arrangement.


With more time on our hands for obvious reasons during large parts of the last year, you may have had time to learn a skill or perfect some crafts. DIY décor elements are a great way to personalise your day in a cost-effective (and fun) way.

If you find yourself wanting to give your day the DIY treatment without getting your hands dirty, it can be just as fun and rewarding to discover independent crafters with affordable yet unique special touches for you to use on popular sites like Etsy. Or, perhaps you have a friend who honed a skill or even launched a business in lockdown who you can support.

Once your wedding day is booked, our dedicated Weddings team at Grosvenor Pulford Hotel can assist you with sourcing all manner of enchanting features to make your day unforgettable. From our very own decorations to our handpicked selection of preferred suppliers, our team can help you bring your vision to life.

When exploring what’s hot in wedding décor today, don’t forget to establish your take on the trends and always choose what feels comfortable for you and your day. Stay true to your chosen colour palette, personal taste and the feel you want your guests to experience with you on the day. Fashions come and go, but for a dream day as timeless as your own love story, keep your own style at the heart of everything you do.

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