Shrove Tuesday Pancake Specials at Palm Court

Shrove Tuesday Specials in Nelson's Bar

We’re preparing to celebrate Shrove Tuesday with some flipping delicious pancake specials in Nelson’s Bar!

Our  tempting pancake specials will be available alongside our regular menu, and reflect how the great Shrove Tuesday tradition is enjoyed all around the world.

Whether you’re indulging one last time before giving up something sweet for Lent, or just fancy an excuse to enjoy a sweet treat: we’ll have the perfect pancake for you on Tuesday 25th February. 

Choose from:

  • American-style pancakes with crispy maple-glazed bacon, poached egg, tomato and grilled Portobello mushroom
  • Classic Crêpes Suzette with orange Cointreau syrup, caramel oranges and vanilla ice cream
  • Blueberry and lemon pancakes with creme fraiche and granola
  • Triple chocolate chip pancakes with dark chocolate ice cream and rich chocolate ganache
  • Sweet and simple traditional pancakes with sugar and lemon

Want to join us to indulge in our limited-time sweet treats? Call 01244 570560 to book your table or book using the contact form below!